Halotron products are halocarbon-based clean fire extinguishing agents with a wide variety of aviation, commercial, industrial, marine and industrial applications. They are discharged either as a rapidly evaporating liquid (Halotron I and BrX) or gas (Halotron II) that leaves no residue. This minimizes or eliminates the potential damage to valuable assets like electronic equipment, machinery, motors and construction materials that is typical of conventional dry chemical-based extinguishing agents. Halotron products are environmentally acceptable under the U.S. EPA's SNAP program as well as other regulatory programs, and are sold throughout the world.

Halotron I is designed for streaming applications in handheld fire extinguishers, certain local application systems, and on a limited basis in total flooding applications. next

Halotron II is a total flooding clean agent designed for normally unoccupied spaces. next

Halotron BrX is designed for streaming applications where efficient fire-fighting performance is the predominant

Hardware and Services
Hardware and Services are also offered. These include Halotron filling equipment and related parts, bulk tanks of various sizes, and on-site training and consultation. next

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Speed Channel's Truck U
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Halotron I is discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid. View more

Halotron clean agents limit damage to valuable equipment. View more