Halotron manufactures and distributes halocarbon-based clean fire extinguishing agents with a wide variety of commercial, industrial, maritime and military applications.

Halotron’s business offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with primary production facilities near Cedar City, Utah, USA.

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Halotron Company


Halotron products are distributed by
licensed Halotron dealers in the United
States and throughout the world.

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3883 Howard Hughes Parkway #700
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89169
Tel +1 702 735 2200
Fax +1 702 735 4876

Halotron Production Facility

10622 West 6400 North
Cedar City, Utah, USA 84721
Tel +1 435 865 5000
Fax +1 435 865 5005

Email halotron@apfc.com