American Pacific’s Production Facility
Halotron products are manufactured at American Pacific’s state-of-the-art production & testing facility in southern Utah, located in Iron County near Cedar City, Utah, USA.

Southwest Regional Fire Training Center
The Southwest Regional Fire Training Center is part of our southern Utah facility. It provides full-scale fire testing facilities for Halotron I, Halotron II and other new extinguishing agents, and is used regularly by municipal fire departments in the southern Utah area for training exercises

The facility includes an asphalt area of approximately 10 acres, with the following features:

1,200-Square-Foot (111.5 m2) Round Concrete Curbed Pit
This test area has a moveable concrete divider to vary the size of the test fire. This pit is used for burning liquid fuels and for running fuel fires, such as engine nacelle running fuel fire simulations. The pit has a secondary square concrete apron to contain spills, and an adjacent fuel / water sump.

768-Square-Foot (71.4 m2) Rectangular Concrete Curbed Pit
This test area has a secondary containment spill apron and an adjustable burn area.

Pumping Test Draft Pit
This is a concrete sub-grade pit for high-flow water-pump testing. Its capacity is 9,000 gallons (34,065 L) of water.

Hot Burn Building
This concrete structure functions as an electrical control room simulation for total flooding agent testing. A removable pit also allows simulation of computer room sub floors.

Fire Training Drill Tower
This three-story structure includes an enclosed stairwell and roof access for training exercises involving smoke. This structure is especially useful for local municipal fire department training exercises.

Engine Nacelle Simulator
This steel structure is based on an F-100 jet aircraft engine nacelle. It is a duplicate of the test article at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida used by the USAF and FAA for fire test evaluations. It is configured and used to simulate large running fuel engine fires.

Square Steel Pans
Square steel fire pans of various sizes have been constructed to allow for Class B liquid fuel fire tests. Square pans with an area of more than 50 square feet (15.3 m2) require installation in open areas. In addition to smaller pans, AMPAC has installed and used for test purposes 40-B, 60-B, 80-B, 120-B and 160-B fire pans that conform to UL standards.

Round Steel Pans
More than 25 round steel fire test pans of the type typically used in Europe and Asia for fire test requirements have also been constructed for use with Class B fuels.

Fuel Pad
This structure is a concrete curbed area designed to allow environmentally safe storage of liquid hydrocarbon fuels used in the fire tests.

Fire Hydrants
There are three fire hydrants that allow access to the water supply maintained within the plant.


HALOTRON I Fire-Extinguishing Agent Applications

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