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Halotron I was featured on Speed Channel's Truck U Episode 514 - Race Day
See Matt and Bruno discuss the benefits of using Halotron I and a demonstration of the clean aspect of our agent.

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Round Pan Tests

At the AMPAC Southwest Regional Fire Training Center in Cedar City, Utah, more than 20 round pans of the type shown here being extinguished with a small Halotron I portable are used regularly for testing and optimization. The round pan configuration is typically used for approvals in Europe according to EN-3 standards and in Asia as well.

Auto/Boat Engine Fires

These images show a small UL listed Halotron I extinguisher putting out a typically sized engine fire without leaving a powder residue.

Aircraft Type Fires

These images show an aircraft engine nacelle fire being extinguished with a 150 lb (68 kg) UL listed Halotron I fire extinguisher. Aircraft type fires are amongst the most common hazards where Halotron I is employed.

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARFF)

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Vehicles

Halotron I is approved for airport fire fighting by the FAA (CertAlert 95-03). This image shows a typical filling operation, which is similar to the techniques used with BCF (halon 1211). A typical 500 lb (226 kg) bulk Halotron I tank is being used.

Class A Fires

These images show Halotron I extinguishing a UL 2A wood crib fire. This is required to be extinguished three times consecutively for a UL listing. The unit here is a 7 kg (15.5 lb) charge weight.

Halotron I Video

Halotron I Video

This video shows a small running fuel fire, computer area, and engine fires being extinguished with small UL listed extinguishers. It also shows the clean agent characteristics (quick evaporation) and the round pan performance of Halotron I.
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