Click on the links below to view PDFs of Halotron
product literature.

Halotron I Brochure
This product brochure provides in-depth information about Halotron I clean fire extinguishing agents.

Halotron I SDS
The Halotron I Data Safety Sheet provides technical information about our Halotron I product.

Halotron I Technical Bulletin
Halotron I Clean Agent Wheeled Unit Ratings - Technical Bulletin 15-01.

Halotron II SDS
The Halotron II Data Safety Sheet provides technical information about our Halotron II product.

Halotron II Total Flooding Quantity Chart (SI Units)
View total flooding quantity information about
our Halotron II product.

Halotron II Material Compatibility Chart
View specific material compatibility information for Halotron II relative to a number of elastomers, metals and plastics.

The following additional information is available upon request:
  • Halotron I Health and Toxicity Bulletin
  • Halotron I Material Compatibility Charts
  • Halotron I Filling Procedure Manual for 300-500 lb (136-227 kg) Type Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • Halotron I Total Flooding Quantity Chart (English & SI Units)
  • Halotron I Portable Extinguisher Filling/Agent Recovery Manual
  • Halotron I Product Specification
  • Halotron I Usage Guidelines
  • Product Video (May 2003)
  • Wheeled Unit Test Video (October 2003)
  • Publication Reprints
  • U.S. FAA CertAlert 95-03
  • ISO 9001 Certificate (issued by TUV Rhineland of North America)
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States and throughout the world.

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