We are proud of the numerous positive testimonials we have received
regarding the overall effectiveness of Halotron products — and the money
our products can save a company in cleanup and equipment replacement
costs after a fire, as compared to the use of conventional dry chemical agents.

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customer testimonials.

Sikorsky Aircraft, Florida, USA
A local fire inspector details how Halotron I was used to minimize damage and cleanup costs while extinguishing a fire aboard a test helicopter at the Sikorsky Flight Development Test Center.

Lee County Port Authority, Florida, USA
The Lee County Port Authority fire chief explains how ARFF personnel used a Halotron I dispenser to quickly extinguish a fire aboard a Boeing 737 aircraft.
Lee County Port Authority

Richmond International Airport, Virginia, USA
A Richmond International Airport ARFF technical team member describes how Halotron I was used to extinguish a fire in the number 1 engine of an Embraer-135/145 Regional Jet.

FedEx, Tennessee, USA
Fire personnel for the Rural/Metro FedEx Fire Department in Memphis used the Halotron I system aboard their Oshkosh T1500 ARFF vehicle to extinguish a fire on a fully loaded A-300 Airbus.

Garfield County Newsletter, Colorado, USA
Halotron I was used extinguish a fire aboard a Gulfstream Jet at the Garfield County Regional Airport, averting a potential crisis and saving the plane’s $3,500,000 engine – and likely saving the entire $30,000,000 aircraft.

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